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The team at NuVech Solutions have worked within the vehicle logistics industry for over 30 years where they have amassed unrivalled experience in vehicle transportation, driver assessment, safe loading, transporter design and operation and transport management.

Our Director, Simon Scaife, began employment as a transporter driver in 1988 and has progressed over the last 30 years through positions as driver trainer, transport manager, regional transport manager and finally to a group wide operations manager position.


During this period, a constant safety concern of both drivers and managers were the risks associated with loading and unloading at the roadside..



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The Risks

We’ve seen first hand the dangers that drivers and cyclists face when operating at the side of HGVs. Loading and unloading at the side of the road is a constant safety concern for both drivers and transport managers. Drivers working in this live lane situation are vulnerable to impact and injury from passing motorists.

 The Solutions 

The NuVech solution is simple. We have created the AirBar, the first vehicle mounted, retractable safety device to provide drivers and operatives with a safe working area at the side of HGVs.


A flexible membrane, inflating under pressure with a retractable element. The AirBar can be deployed on many vehicle types involved in live lane working with the sole purpose of protecting drivers in these high risk environments.

Video - The AirBar In Action

Video - The AirBar In Action


A world’s first in driver safety technology, the AirBar mounts from inside the vehicle and is fully retractable. With bright 12 and 24 volt options available, bright LED lights improve visibility.


Easy to deploy and easy to see, the AirBar creates a physical barrier that is visible to both passing traffic and vulnerable road users


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Fitment of the AirBar reduces risk to drivers and operatives working around the vehicle by providing a safe working area and access for loading and unloading.

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Our most important assets are our staff and I see the AirBar as a great innovative step in helping protect them in what is often an underappreciated job in poor conditions.


— Alistair Macadam, Director at Macadams Rescue

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On one occasion I had to load on the opposite side of the road (nearside of lorry in live lane) with the hazard lights & beacons all in use. Vehicles were still trying to squeeze through inches from my back. After I deployed the AirBar all the vehicles on my side of the road were giving way to oncoming traffic & giving me space to work. The AirBar is simple but effective.

— Richie Stephenson, Driver at HBC

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When I first saw the Air Bar I wasn't sure what to make of it as I'd not seen anything like it before, but Simon contacted me after the Tow Show 2018 and offered to fit a system to one of my recovery vehicles as a no obligation trial. That was almost a year ago and I still have the AirBars fitted.

For such a simple device, it works. Drivers do give more room (especially at night), and it was no surprise to me that it won the IVR Innovation award.

I am happy to be one of the first to use the AirBar on the UK roads. Over the last year we have helped to develop the product including an onboard air system to power the AirBar. I also welcome NuVech support to the Slow Down, Move Over UK campaign. 


— Paul Anstee, Director - Service on Site 

Lodar Innovation Award 2019

In 2019, NuVech Solutions won the Institute of Vehicle Recovery’s Innovation award (sponsored by Lodar) for the AirBar.

Director, Simon Scaife, was presented with the award by IVR President Nick Ovenden.

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