The NuVech AirBar System Case Study


Initial Meeting

We initially met Simon from NuVech solutions at the Freight in the City exhibition.

We were impressed by the concept of the AirBar and we straight away thought

that this would a perfect add on to our non-visual system already fitted to our

FORS Gold fleet, and immediately asked to trial the system.

What is the Nuvech AirBar System

It is the first vehicle mounted, retractable safety device used as a visual aid to deter vulnerable road users from using prohibited space on the inside of the vehicle whilst turning left. It is a flexible membrane, inflating under pressure with a retractable lit element. The AirBar can be deployed on many vehicle types involved in live lane working with the sole purpose of protecting vulnerable road users. The AirBar system has been designed to be compact when not in use, but highly visible when deployed, using the AirBar system increases visibility to any approaching Vulnerable Road Users, allowing them time to react, slow down and hold back. Another added value of the AirBar system is that it gives drivers the added safety benefit when working both sides of the vehicle and driver protection during loading and unloading in these high risk environments.



                                                       From initial discussions to installing, the AirBar system was smooth and well executed with                                                           the installation of the AirBars only taking half a day, which we found this timescale to be very                                                         connvenient and acceptable.

                                                       We have also found that due to a recent mishap at a site, with one AirBar being damaged, the                                                         system is extremely simple to repair and parts were sent down and fitted in-house, keeping                                                           downtime to a minimum.


                                                       Although initial outlay of the AirBar system is high, we feel it will decrease with more                                                                       companies using this product throughout the industry, after seeing the improved visual                                                                   safety aspect of the system. However if it doesn’t decrease we still feel the benefits of this                                                             product out way the cost.


Driver Feedback

Initially drivers were sceptical over the AirBar system, however it only took a few days of using the system to realise the benefits and how the system ensures greater road safety. The positive effect that we have seen, is that the cyclists and VRU’s are responding to the visual presence of the inflated AirBar, which stops them from attempting to ride on the inside of the truck while it is turning. Drivers have also had very positive responses and have even been stopped and questioned from VRU’S as they have increased awareness for safe distances.




So far initial results are extremely positive, user friendly, driver friendly. We feel

the NuVech AirBar system is just what we need, as the safety vulnerable road

user kits were always lacking the visual aid aspect. As from first hand experience

with now more Vulnerable Road Users using earphones etc, thus resulting in

difficulty hearing the audible safety message, the AirBars are a perfect way to

grab the attention of Vulnerable Road Users and help drivers at the same time.

We are so impressed we have added a second AirBar system to another vehicle

with a goal to retrofit the system to all of our vehicles should the trials continue

to be positive. We have found the new system to be innovative, effective and

extremely safe.


















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